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Digital Billboards investment option:
limited partnership.
Highway billboards have always been a solid investment for long-term income , similar to rental property , but without the hassles.
One difficulty to start this business is to find permittable  locations with high traffic.
The solution is to convert existing licensed Static billboards , to Digital.
Digital billboards allow 6 or 7 advertisers to share one billboard ( ads are  displayed sequentially on the same billboard)
The billboard now generates 6 to 7 times  the revenue compared to the Static billboard.
We at Digit-X Inc. are suppliers of LED systems for Digital Billboards.

Our plan is to create limited partnerships composed of three partners:
1) Owner of existing legal billboard. He  gets an increased revenue.
2) Digit-X Inc (we) , finds profitable existing  billboards , brings the parties together, provides a conversion from Static to Digital for a fraction of the market value, connects to advertising agencies.
3) Investor provides capital to pay for the conversion . ( approximately $ 120,000 to 150,000 for billboard, per face.)
On a billboard that rents for $ 3,000 for a 4 week period the expected annual profit is approximately $ 100,000 (please request cash flow charts )

Investor guarantees availability of cash when a good deal comes together.
There is no need to lay out money until a profitable billboard is selected, a deal is structured and all the parties are in agreement.
Investor shall have access to oversee how money spent an how they income is generated.
All terms are negotiable.

This business model has practically and unlimited room for expansion as there are 450,000 billboards in United States and less than 4000 so far has been converted.

Detailed additional information available upon request

If you are interested in exploring this opportunity please contact:
Alex Churilov
Digit-X Inc.
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