Digital Signage

Times are changing... Minds are changing... Signs are changing !
It’s all about conveying a message and getting it across to the right people at the right time.
Digital advertising has become the new innovative way to achieve your marketing needs.

A Digital Signage network is a set of several flat screen TV monitors installed in strategical locations throughout the store.

•They display messages (static, or animation images) that communicate to consumers the offers that retailers want to promote.

•The messages are played sequentially in a loop that repeats itself every few minutes.

•The programming of the messages (what time, which ads, how often, on which monitor) is controlled from a central administrator’s computer through a local computer network, or from a remote location via the Internet.

•The replacement of still, dull, non attractive posters with color, animated digital displays allows you to connect your message with your target audience.

•Dynamic, updatable content allows you to attract, engage and inform potential and existing customers. Moving images and text, video and animation combine to deliver compelling content that enhances consumer's in-store experience.

In a Retail environment the messages may be the day’s specials, promotions of services like lottery, food court, price lists, community events, etc.

Promote your highest margin products and point out their location to increase sales and profits.

Considering the message reaches the consumer at the point of purchase, at the time of decision making, this becomes an unbeatable advertisement media.

According to the Point of Purchase Advertising Institute, nearly 70 percent of shoppers make their purchasing decisions while in the store. The Institute further states that the addition of graphics, animation and video can increase point-of-sale purchases by 107 percent.

*A dedicated system for a Retail Store could include several 42” monitors in large open areas
plus dedicated smaller monitors in aisles.
*Each monitor could play same messages as on all monitors plus specific ads for the point of sale where the monitor is located.
Digit-X is a technological company located in central Connecticut specializing in the installation, maintenance, administration and ads creation for Digital Signage.
We would like to discuss with you the possibilities of creating a customized system for you.

*You provide the space for the monitors, 110V power line and Internet connection.
*We provide the hardware, installation, maintenance and the administration of the ads.

Selling advertisement? Install your digital signage network. Each monitor will bring you at least 1,000 a month.

Retailer: Digital Signage enhances the appearance of your store and can double your promotional sales
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