LED Electronic Signs

LED electronic Signs-Billboards for outdoor promotion Retail Stores or Events

High impact full color screens playing animated or static ads-messages

Display animated or static images, text, time, temperature, etc.
Remotely control, update, change or schedule your messages for specific times from your computer, through cable or Internet.

Our displays are sold as easy to install kit, with technical support, training and service included.
(full installation available for additional fee)
Displays are weather-proof, safe for outdoor use.
Sizes available from 3’x5’ to highway billboard size 14’x48’
Available in 10/12/16/20/25 mm. pitch for outdoor use
and 6mm/7.6mm and 10mm for indoor use

Pitch is like the resolution on a monitor: the closer the display is to the viewer , the lower the pitch you need for good viewing
(10mm. pitch for minimum viewing distance 25 ft. 25mm. pitch for minimum  viewing distance 100 ft.)
We also offer Digital Signage systems and installations for indoor use, using remotely controlled TV monitors.( retail, hospitals, conventions, churches, restaurants, etc.)
We can also create the animation ads for your signs.

Electronic Billboards:

Electronic billboards are all about flexibility, creativity, and the ability to target the audience.

If you think about a typical static billboard you've got one shot, you've got one face of information up there for a period of time. With a digital billboard, you can literally change the image on that billboard hundreds of times per day. You exponentially increase the number of ads you run and the number of potential customers you can reach over the period of a day. It's about flexibility, which then translates into generating revenue for the billboard owner."

From an advertiser's perspective, there are several advantages that outweigh the cost. One is creativity. "When you can run a variety of ads on a billboard, it gives you a lot more creativity than a static billboard might." Then there's the flexibility to target advertising to different demographic groups during a given period of time. "Let's say you're Dunkin Donuts or McDonalds and you want to advertise a different product in the morning, a different product in the afternoon, and a different product in the evening. You can't do that with a static billboard."
Notorious of electronic billboards is their physiological impact. Your eyes are neurologically wired to be attracted to something that moves. The rods in your eyes are motion sensors, so you can not ignore a constantly changing billboard.
Digital Billboards have a high-tech look, they're changing all the time, and don't get worn down by the weather, it is not the same thing day after day. They're a great spectacle.
For the billboard owner, it will definitely pay off in the long-run." Sure, there are initial upfront costs, "but it will pay for itself pretty rapidly,"

Electronic Message Boards
A simpler method of delivery of your message.
Normally used not to attract, but to inform your customer about specific information:
Prices, rate of exchange, news, special offers, etc.
Messages are normally all text, displayed in one or 2 lines.
Could be fixed or  scrolling through the display.
Keep in mind that a static text stays there for your subject to grasp in 1-2 seconds.
A scrolling message has more information, but requires for the subject to stop and read the full time it takes for the full message to scroll through the screen
Available in Red Yellow Green  or Red Blue Purple  .
Sizes  53”x15” or   118”x19”

  Digital Signage    
Highway Billboards? Convert to Digital and make an additional
$150,000 to $250,000/year!

Retailer: an LED sign in front of your location will make it more noticeable attract more customers.
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