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LED signs outdoor and Digital Signage indoors are the new way to communicate your message.

Messages are displayed in front of vehicular or foot traffic on bright monitor screens that can not be ignored.

Highway Billboards? Convert to Digital and make an additional
$150,000 to $250,000/year!

Retailer: an LED sign in front of your location will make it more noticeable attract more customers.
In both cases the messages and ads are changed, scheduled and controlled by remote access from a central administrator’s computer. No more need to print signs, and physically install or replace printed graphics on location.
LED signs
are used in:

•Highway billboards

•Stadium show screens

•Stadium score-boards

•Building marquees

•Front of retail signs


•Mobile signs

•Theater billboards

•Events screens

  Digital Signage
  is used in:

•High traffic places









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Digital Signage
LED Billboards
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Selling advertisement? Install your digital signage network. Each monitor will bring you at least 1,000 a month.

Retailer: Digital Signage enhances the appearance of your store and can double your promotional sales
Digital LED displays are used as giant TV screens that can display static or animated graphics or live video.With a digital billboard, you can literally change the image on that billboard hundreds of times per day.

Digital Signage Networks are composed of multiple LCD TV monitors strategically located throughout a store or institution’s building displaying advertisements or any other messages the organization needs to convey to the public.